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Thank you SO much for reaching out for a copy of my worksheet, ‘The Top 5 Questions that will lead to your Best Future.’ 📄

I know from my many coaching clients and readers of my book 'Feeling Forwards' that using 'The Top 5 Questions that will lead to your Best Future' worksheet each day will get where you want to go faster and with a stronger sense of Purpose and Intention.💡

Now super quick, before you get started, if you would like to reinvent yourself, gain confidence, get unstuck to achieve your dreams and become unstoppable in living the life you want, this is the most exciting message you will ever read. 💫

I am going to share how to use Feeling Forwards; a unique and scientifically proven way of harnessing the power of your emotions to overcome any challenge and create the future you want to enjoy. ✨

Here are just some of the ways my latest book ‘Feeling Forwards’ has transformed lives. 🎉

Feeling Forwards helps you find the power within to overcome unbelievable challenges and take a quantum leap forwards.
Tony Robbins
"I can tell you this book has been a Godsend and saved our family in more ways than one"
- Glenda C. (The Mommies Reviews)
“Buy two, buy one for yourself and buy one for someone that you think could use a little push” 
- Frank MacKay (Award Winning Talk Show Host)
But before I share how you can start using Feeling Forwards for yourself, first… a warning.

The system I outlined in this book has allowed me to overcome enormous challenges, some of them life threatening and to build many incredibly successful businesses and a beautiful life for myself and my family… but I’m not suggesting that you’ll become successful overnight.

But the truth is, I’m not sure how successful you could be. Creating the future you want and achieving your dreams entails risk as well as consistent effort and action.

If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK. ❌

But if you are an adventurer like me 🧗🏽‍♀️ let me jump right in and show you.

Using Feeling Forwards will help you blast through whatever thought patterns or habits are holding you back: including...

  • • Three ways to feel more confident before you even get out of bed.
  • ​• The secret formula of athletes that can help you rapidly create your success. (Chapter Nine – You can own your day) 
  • ​• Why you should never worry about ‘how’ your success will happen. (Chapter Seven – You can embrace the inexplicable) 
  • ​• The number one emotion that means you are about to make a major breakthrough.
  • ​• How you can ignore your brain and train your mind. (Chapters Two & Three) 
  • ​• The method to use so that you own the day not the day owns you. 
  • ​• How to eliminate self- doubt and overcome your fears. (Introduction – You are complete right now) 
  • ​• The first thing you should do in the morning is work out. Right? Wrong. 
  • ​• Say goodbye to the feeling that no matter what, you won’t be able to make it. (Chapter Eight – You can change your state) 
  • ​• What to do if you are working way too hard and not achieving the results you want. 
  • ​• Why you should never rely on thoughts over emotions. 
  • ​• The scientific strategy to notice only what will move you forward. (Chapter Five – You can bend Time) 
  • ​• When to pivot and when to keep going down the same path. 
  • ​• Say goodbye to feeling like an imposter when you reach the next level of success. (Chapter Eight – You can conquer imposter syndrome)
  • ​• The truth about how confident successful people really feel 
  • ​• Why deciding not to think about your worries can catapult you forwards. 
  • ​• How to use quantum science to create the future you want, right now. (Chapter Eleven – You can create your future.) 
  • ​• What to do if you don’t feel confident enough to make a change. 
  • ​• Say goodbye to thinking that feeling confident is only for celebrities. (Chapter Four – You can connect your mind and your body)  
As well as getting my ground-breaking book ‘Feeling Forwards – How to become the person who has the life you want’, you’re also getting my personal guide to how to focus on every aspect of your life in the future and bring it into the present NOW.

I call this ‘The Create your Future Personal Checklist.’ and I have used it in my private coaching classes to achieve the results you read about earlier!
How magical would it be to work out exactly how you will be living in your ideal future and then start living that way today!

So the Real Question Is...

Is it worth spending just a few minutes of your time to check this book out? All you pay is a measly $5.99, less than a couple of cups of coffee.

Even if this book only creates HALF of what I've claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you'll start to see real results faster than you ever dreamed possible.

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Time is of the Essence! 

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